AIRBOX, an independent pre-drying machine Made in Biancalani, can finally be commented on, data in hand. That AIRBOX made it possible to increase the capacities of any production line was a certainty for the company, who patented the latest generation system. The customers, however, had to find out, touch with their hands. Starting from the presentation made at ITMA 2019, Biancalani followed up on the promises, as always in the company’s tradition.

AIRBOX’s capabilities

Customers who have installed AIRBOX within their production lines confirm Biancalani’s predictions: high production capacity, low costs and significant energy savings in line with sustainable development. Plus, very small dimensions: it offers excellent performance even in just over 2 meters in length, which allows it to be installed even in small rooms.

Now thanks to AIRBOX the customers know that to produce a lot you don’t need to consume as much, and they have discovered the actual capabilities of the machine. The field tests have returned performances exceeding expectations, which were already high. Its patented drying principle uses the high speed with which the air touches the fabric tangentially, allowing very high levels of evaporation of water.

Biancalani AIRBOX XL, interior

Low consumption and high performance

In addition to the various qualities of this new pre-dryer, the low electrical power installed (starting from 30 kW) and the very low consumption (thermal power installed starting from 250 kW) are convincing.
For example, the AIRBOX machines installed in Portugal made it possible to increase production by up to +50%, with a significant lowering of management costs. In these cases AIRBOX has been installed in combination with AIRO
®24 – as well as developed thanks to its winning technology – but it can be and is actually installed in any other textile production line.

The evolution of the drying process in vertical channels guides the fabric and makes it travel in close contact with the air, at high speeds but keeping it stable. In compact dimensions that ensure minimum waste of production space (up to 360 cm of working width), the amount of water pushed away by the hot air can reach 8 tons per day, depending on the fabric treated.

Biancalani AIRBOX XL & AIRO®24 Tandem-2

Top solution for the production of terry fabrics

Figures of this kind immediately make us think of the first and main application of AIRBOX, namely the production of terry fabrics, where high drying capacity is essential. Essential and increased in very high percentages thanks to AIRBOX which, used in combination with traditional dryers, leaves the loops of the terry fabric voluminous, increasing their drying power. If Biancalani was already among the favorites of the world’s largest terry fabric manufacturers thanks to AIRO®24, the AIRBOX results confirm the company’s innovative strength and the desire to always take a step forward.

And if the terry fabric market was considered thriving until a few months ago, Biancalani anticipates that we will likely see a further increase thanks to the growing in the Home Décor sector. Because now that AIRBOX has proven its capabilities, the next step remains and Biancalani launches its bet: what can AIRBOX do, perhaps as a stand-alone machine, in textile markets other than that of terry fabrics?