In 2016 Fashion Represented 28% of the Global e-Commerce Market

According  to Statista (one of the leading statistics companies on the internet) report, the size of the global fashion e-Commerce market is about US$332.1 billion in 2016 and accounts for 28% of the total e-Commerce market. The Chinese market has grown to a total volume of US$125.8 billion and is by far the largest online fashion market. The willingness of Chinese consumers to shop outside of their country (87% of shoppers) and the strong focus on luxury fashion for certain wealthy consumer groups, have a significant impact on the market. The European fashion market is the second biggest in this comparison with a volume of US$86.8 billion in 2016. The large internet population, relatively high online shopper penetration, combined with comparably high purchasing power makes it a very attractive market for online merchants. Big online players for fashion in Europe are Zalando, Vente Privee, Asos, the Otto Group and H&M. The US market is valued at US$ 63.3 billion in 2016. The European market accounts for 26.1% of the global market, while the US has a share of 19.0%. Relevant players in the US market are online shops of retailers Gap and Nordstrom as well as the pure player Amazon.

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