When Excellence and Technology Meet


FamasBeing part of a district so specialized as Biella is always a double edged sword. On one hand the convenience of the district where everything is at hand, on the other the trap of being so specialized that you cannot see beyond your own product. Famas found itself comfortable until some time ago, then it had to inevitably come to terms with reality and overcome the trap. The path starts in the 1976, year of birth of Famas, specializing in the production of technical fabrics. Famas enriches the industrial panorama of Biella with a professional background strictly dedicated to excellence, according to the dictates of the local territory.

In particular, the company’s commitment runs along three distinct lines that run parallel and intersect at the same time: organization, quality and service to customers. Cornerstones that Famas has never failed in his now long path and that result in the production of satin and molleton wrappers, essential during the decatizing process of wool clothing fabrics. This operation is extremely delicate, it gives the finished product the dimensional stability and the “hand” to the fabric, to the benefit of a final undisputed value. Among the strengths of Famas, also, there is the technology used in the textile field, supported by constant technological research through which the company aims in fact to continuous innovation and to final total quality performance. Not surprisingly, considering all this, today Famas is able to provide an extremely competitive range of products. The ongoing research and projects completed and still in progress are bringing Famas also exploring other areas. The new buzzword is differentiate.