Gianfranco Ferré

The White Shirt in an exhibition


The creativity and stylish sophistication of one of the leading players of the world of contemporary fashion illustrated via an iconic example of his capacity for design will be showcased in a new exhibition at Museo del Tessuto in Prato (1 February 2014 – 15 June 2014): “The White Shirt According to Me. Gianfranco Ferré”.  Jointly conceived and organized by Prato Textile Museum Foundation and the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation – the aim of the exhibition is to pay homage to the work and talent of the “architect of fashion”.  Right from the very beginning of his career, Gianfranco Ferré was a fervent promoter of the blending of the highly difficult and complex languages of architecture and fashion in the pursuit of creative contamination.

Displayed 27 of the most extraordinary white shirts created by Gianfranco Ferré in over twenty years of fashion design – together with their relative designs. The contents of the exhibition are further enriched by a series of macro projections and multimedia installations of images and videos from catwalk shows. Using material from the archives of the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation, these audio-visual contributions offer a detailed overview of the stylistic development of the great Italian fashion designer vis-à-vis the white shirt.

“The white shirt according to me. Gianfranco Ferré” exhibition confirms Prato Textile Museum’s approach to the organization of exhibitions which, since 2005, has seen annual events illustrating the role of textiles in the international fashion system, a choice which perfectly counters Prato industrial district’s role as a leading player in the production of international fashion.