The new line up of NFC enabled sewing systems


Juki presents the new line up of NFC enabled sewing systems – the LK-1900BN Series, LK-1903BN Series and the LBH-1790AN Series. The LK-1900BN & LK-1903BN Series are computer-controlled, high-speed, bartacking sewing and button sewing systems respectively. These models utilize the latest in sewing technology available from Juki and, following previous advancements, have been digitalized for your benefit. With sewing speeds of up to 3,200sti/min (LK-1900BN Series) there is not only easier operation but also increased productivity. On top of this the machines starting, stopping, thread-trimming and automatic presser lifting speeds have been all been increased which significantly shorten total cycle time. Data on sewing machine parameters can be transferred via NFC allowing you to adjust an entire line in a fracture of the time compared to standard sewing machines. The different sewing parameters can now be set numerically resulting in universal values between machines between. This allows for fast set up and ensures consistency on a machine by machine basis. Data management and software updates can be carried out with ease using the USB port. For more information Click Here to see the catalogue. The LBH-1790AN Series has also been digitalized and enjoys many of the same benefits. This model is a computer-controlled, high-speed, buttonholing sewing system. The maximum sewing speed is 4,200 sti/min. and in combination with the faster jump speed of 200 mm/s the total cycle time has been drastically reduced. Digital control of the material feed mechanism, needle feed mechanism, needle thread trimming mechanism, bobbin thread trimming mechanism, cloth-trimming mechanism, presser lifter mechanism and other mechanisms are all possible.