Dutch cleantech company The Movement is expanding its networks of yarns spinners using Polylana®, its eco-efficient polyester fibre with a touch similar to wool, to Europe. The two first new partners in the Old Continent are Alpes Manifattura Filati and Karacasu Tekstil.

The production process of Polylana, a fibre derived in part from recycling, has a low environmental impact, with considerable savings in precious resources such as water and energy and reduced CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Being 100% recyclable, the use of Polylana helps to reduce soil and ocean pollution attributable to waste from the textile supply chain. Moreover, the fibre is fully traceable in all stages of the supply chain and on the finished product, thanks to the presence of the Awaretm nano-molecule tracer and blockchain technology.

Alpes Manifattura Filati is based in Northern Italy and represents one of the largest groups within the European yarn market; they will use Polylana fibre with wool blends. Turkish Karacasu Tekstil was established in 1996, and its dedication towards sustainability was the link to Polylana: the company will blend fibre with cotton.

«Europe is likely to become a next textile boom, besides the main production in Asia» The Movement press office declared. «Finding nominated spinning partners for Polylana yarn was key for us to make this yarn available for European knitters. Besides shorter lead times and flexibility, this new trend reduces CO2 emissions due to less movement of goods. We are proud about working with new European spinners such as Alpes Filati and Karacasu Tekstil because we are now ready to offer the opportunity for brands and retailers to source and produce more locally than ever before».

Picture: Polylana