Jacob Müller

Systems and solutions for ribbons and narrow fabrics


ACOTRONIC machine_pictureThe Jakob Müller supply programme covers all the needs of the ribbons and narrow fabrics industry from individual yarn processing up to the finished, made-up product.

Among the most recent innovations the NH2 53 electronically controlled narrow fabric loom and the warp crochet knitting system Comez Acotronic 8B/600.

The NH2 53 is an electronically controlled loom for the weaving of elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics. Electronically controlled shedding takes place via linear motors mounted directly on the healds. These replace pattern chains and drums and permit both unlimited repeat lengths and pattern changes in minimum time. The weft and auxiliary thread transport, as well as the narrow fabric take-off and main drive are also all electronically controlled and infinitely adjustable. As compared to conventional needle looms, the NH2 53 is fitted with considerably fewer mechanical parts, which results in less wear and a cut in energy consumption of around 35 per cent, i.e. max. 1 kW.

Comez Acotronic 8B/600, shown in the picture, is a high efficiency electronic crochet knitting machine for the production on a wide range of ribbons, laces and technical articles, both elastic and non-elastic. Compound needles make the machine highly versatile, as in addition to classic synthetic yarns (polyester, polyamide) they allow the processing in the warp of natural yarns (cotton, wool) and special fibres (Kevlar, fibre glass, carbon).The machine comes in several gauges, from 10 to 20 n.p.i. It has a 600mm working width and is fitted with eight weft bars with electronic control, which can effect weft movements of up to 34 mm. The mechanical control of the triple-lever weft device is used for continual weft movements (without pattern) of up to 50mm and the control of the heddle bar for elastic threads. This enables users to disconnect up to three bars from the electronic control and operate them by means of the weft device levers.

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