Software FKAD 64 bit Windows 10


FK GROUPFK Group from 2013 till today has almost doubled its turnover, resulting in good profit despite very competitive prices. Its position as international leader has been mostly determined by CAM machinery recognized for the excellent level of performance and reliability. During 2015, with the aim to offer a CAD with the same high quality level in line CAM, the company has decided to leave Futura CAD, born from DOS in 1992, migrated to Windows and bounded to the old 32 bit platform. FK Group maintains full compatibility and service assistance on Futura even if the migration to the new product FKAD 64 bit is definitive. 2015 and 2016 have registered an unexpected subscription of many new and old customers. The Loyal Futura customers can benefit of a low cost migration scheme allowing them to recover all the old data despite the passage to a newer platform at 64 bit. The new software FKAD 64 bit has features in line with a market that evolves on multiple directions, including hybrid net, not only PC even MAC and Tablet, not only Microsoft even iOS and Android, possibly 64 bit instead of 32, integrating with data base SQL, Oracle, ecc. combinations that are evolving in a stunning way and FK Group couldn’t remain excluded from them.