Sewing Threads for Every Application


img7All G├╝termann threads of the Mara top line offer new technical benefits and are available in as many as 700 standard shades. The range includes 12 different titles from Mara 220, the finest sewing thread on the market, to titles developed for decorative topstitch of impressive result on leather goods, like Mara 15-11-8, featuring a special treatment of microfibers that make it suitable for high-tech products though providing a natural, soft and silk like appearance. Furthermore, A&E G├╝termann offers number of solutions for special machines or special applications like 100% cotton Anecot/Alancot, polyester/cotton D-Core RFD/Double Cotton and 100% polyester Perma Core, for stressed seams on garment-dyed items and in jeans manufacturing. Mara rPET is a 100% recycled polyester thread for environment friendly, sustainable products; Maraflex is designed for all elastic and decorative seams as well. 100% continuous filament polyester, high tenacity G├╝termann Tera, polyamide Zwibond and Amifil for extremely stressed seams, together Anebraid, a continuous filament, braided thread for decorative seams on leather goods meet all requirements in the footwear industry. From functional to decorative needs, the A&E G├╝termann range offers a variety of high performance threads suited for every application in all segments in the clothing, leather goods and footwear industry.