Rotor Spinning Machines from Germany


SAURER Autocoro9_CMYK_13x18cmWith their E3 label the German textile machinery manufacturers Saurer Schlafhorst and Saurer Zinser offer their customers a guarantee of triple added value in the spheres of Energy, Economics and Ergonomics. The spinning and winding machines of the market and technology leaders that bear this label clearly increase the production and profitability of textile companies all over the world.  Rotor spinning machines from Schlafhorst: in a class of their own. The new Autocoro 9 with its intelligent individual spinning position technology sets new records for energy consumption, productivity, efficiency, ease of operation and quality. The machine outperforms its legendary predecessor with sensational output data: 25 % lower energy consumption, 19 % reduction in spinning costs, proven rotor speeds of 180,000 rpm, take-up speeds of 300 m/min and a 60 % lower servicing outlay. The Autocoro 9 is thus the production platform of the future.