Right on the Chinese Market


In 1987 the growing installed base of Picanol machines in China, as well as the increasing demand for a higher level of service & support resulted in the establishment of the Picanol Service Centre in Shanghai. Then the Belgian company also set-up PST, Picanol Suzhou Textile Machinery Works, thus starting its career as a Chinese textile machinery manufacturer.

Picanol offers nine types of weaving machines: the OptiMax, GT-Max, GTMax-i and GTXplus with rapier technology, the OMNIplus Summum, OMNIplus 800, TERRYplus 800, OMNIplus 800 TC and the OMNIplus-X with airjet insertion technology. Together, these machines cover the full spectrum of textiles including apparel, household and technical fabrics. The high degree of digitization of all these machines, together with their Sumo main drive, ensures a lower weaving cost, higher quality of the fabrics produced, greater flexibility and exceptional ease of operation in comparison with other weaving machines. Particular attention is now on the new GTMax-i rapier machine, a further development of the existing GT-Max. The main highlights of the GTMax-i are the reinforced gripper system and heavier machine drive, which allows higher production speeds. Also the dobby and undermotion have been completely redesigned.