Gerber Technology

PLM Technology for Threads and Textiles


Gerber Technology, the world leader in integrated softw5-gerber-yunique-aeare and automated solutions for the apparel and industrial markets, is proud to announce that American & Efird’s (A&E) threads and colors are integrated within YuniquePLM®. Founded 125 years ago, A&E is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of and continues to lead the industry in many areas, including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). A&E’s threads and colors are readily available in the material and color libraries within YuniquePLM V7. In addition, the data libraries can be retrofitted to earlier versions. In total, there are 1,477 colors and 103 threads integrated into YuniquePLM, offering designers over 100,000 combination choices to select from.  Through its combined global network, A&E products are manufactured in 27 facilities around the world and sold in over 100 countries, allowing brands to quickly source high quality, color specific materials wherever their production facilities are located. Commitment to safety and sustainability are cornerstones of the A&E brand. Their “10 Threads of Sustainability” platform balances A&E’s social responsibility and environmental impact with their business growth objectives. This initiative compliments Gerber Technology’s goal to empower brands in fulfillment of their own CSR programs.  As brands and retailers specify components of their end-product from supply chain partners like A&E, who dedicated themselves to reducing their environmental impact, brands demonstrate that their choices matter.