Open-End and Compact Spinning Technology


1-suessen-ok-spindelfabrik_dsc9514Suessen is the acknowledged leader in Open-End and Compact Spinning Technology. Suessen’s EliTe®Compact Spinning System has been sold for over 10 million spindles and has established itself as the most versatile compact ring spinning system. Existing ring spinning machines of various manufacturers can be upgraded to compact spinning, using Suessen EliTe®CompactSet. The well-known Open-End SpinBoxes SE 7, SE 8, SE 9 and SE 10 were developed and manufactured by Suessen. The SpinBox generations of SC series are delivered to the rotor spinning machine manufacturer Rieter in Switzerland, retrofitting packages to existing Open-End rotor spinning machines are possible. In total, Suessen has manufactured over 3.5 million SpinBoxes.