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Dassault SystemesSmall and medium size businesses are faced with the same challenges as larger apparel companies: capturing the voice of the customer early in the design process, increased product diversification and a fragmented supply chain that gets a little more complex every day. But they also have the double challenge of strengthening their brand while growing their business. Fashion Collection for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) is a business platform built by Dassault Systèmes on years of experience of working with apparel customers around the world. It is designed and packaged to address the unique requirements of SMBs in the fashion business, providing them a 3DEXPERIENCE platform within their reach.
Small and Medium apparel companies need a strong IT system to help them increase their speed to market and improve costs effectiveness. However they do not have the vast resources and time to spend on training on complex IT solutions. This is why Fashion Collection for SMB is an easy to use platform with intuitive interface for a fast learning curve. And this means rapid implementation and low total costs of ownership.
Fashion Collection for SMB helps manage a fragmented supply chain that gets a little more complex every day. The platform provides a fast growing brand with a single environment to manage all product, project, color, material, line plan and vendor data. With enhance supply chain management and a single repository for data, the team will spend more time on creativity than searching for data.

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