Arioli Group was established in 2012 with the merger between the metalworking company Arioli S.p.A., Brazzoli S.p.A. and the Austrian MHM GMBH. With the birth of Arioli Group began the integration’s process of the three companies, globally recognized as technological references in their respective fields of application. Born in 1953, Arioli, synonymous of quality and excellence and great reference in the textile finishing’s world, is currently developing also products dedicated to digital printing with the intention to confirm the leadership’s role acquired over years. Brazzoli, born in the late 60s, is globally recognized as a major landmark in the rope dyeing process high technology machineries, offering customers a solution for every type of product and needs. Since its founding in 1980, the Austrian MHM has adopted an innovative approach to establish itself as a leading global specialist in Screen Printing Equipment for Textiles. The integration of the three companies has enabled Arioli Group to broaden its competences by designing and launching on the market new technical solutions, ranging from finishing to digital printing, from rope dyeing to printing of finished garments, meeting the different needs of textile market.