Morgan Tecnica

New Developments in High Ply and Single Ply Cutting

Morgan Ply 1
Morgan Next 2

Faithful to its DNA of a research company aiming to continuously develop its products, Morgan Tecnica introduces two recent developments: Next 2 and Ply 1. Next 2, shown on 4th May at a special preview for a dedicated audience and to the market at Texprocess in Frankfurt, is the new high ply cutter by Gruppo Morgan. Available as 5,7 and 9 cm compressed lay cutter, the unit is a future-proof system. Design and AI (Artificial Intelligence) were the keywords of this project. A lot of sensors and some complex algorithms let Morgan introduce the first machine equipped with artificial intelligence for a perfect, real time self-management of the grinding process, operating speeds, logging and reports, while providing the self-adjustment of troubles. The aim is to prevent and avoid any breakdowns and machine downtime. They paid great attention to design, to material and shade selection in order to obtain an ergonomic and perfectly operating, however elegant, modern and Italian style product. Next 2 will be put on the market from 1st September 2017.

Together with Next 2, Morgan Tecnica introduces PLY 1, an innovative single ply cutter. This project focused on extremely high performance levels. Cutting edge linear motors make of Morgan Ply 1 the machine operating at the highest speed in the categ

Morgan Ply 1

ory. Thanks to innovative technology, its absolute accuracy as well as acceleration to 3G and a cutting speed that exceeds 145 m/min are an absolute record for this type of machines.

Adding this machine to their portfolio, the Brescia province based company consolidates its position in the clothing manufacturing industry, offering a solution suitable for made to measure or sampling and prototyping. Launching Ply 1, Morgan announces to be ready to enter from the main door in a field they had only occasionally explored in the past. Furnishing, tech-textiles and composites, automotive, leatherwear are only some sectors the company intends to build on in order to implement a growth process that has been going on without a standstill since 2008; in no longer than 5 years the company has become the first Italian CAD CAM system manufacturer.