Jacquard Installations Live


staubli 1Stäubli’s wide production includes cam motions, dobbies, and electronic Jacquard machines with harnesses as well as weaving preparation systems with automatic warp drawing in, leasing, and warp-tying machines.

In Shanghai it will be possible to see four complete Jacquard installations. The production of lining fabric on a Jacquard machine type SX equipped with a specific harness with 12,600 cords, in conjunction with a water-jet weaving machine operating at a rate of approximately 1,000 weft insertions per minute. The weaving machine and the Jacquard machine are both operated by individual electronically synchronized drives. Type LX3202 Jacquard machine with 12,288 hooks and Stäubli harness will be weaving tapestry and upholstery fabric on a 180 cm wide rapier weaving machine. A rapier weaving machine and a type SX Jacquard machine with a Stäubli harness of 13,450 cords will be producing 220 cm wide car seat fabric. A type SX electronic Jacquard machine with 2,688 hooks and Stäubli harness of 6,000 cords will be weaving car seat fabric on an air-jet weaving machine. The new generation of rotary dobbies, the S3060/3260 series, reaches new heights of performance and reliability. The refined positive cam motion type 1681 and the universal positive rotary dobby type 2658 complete the picture of Stäubli shedding systems. The mobile automatic drawing-in machine SAFIR S30 is already a dependable workhorse in many filament mills in China and the Far East. The warp-tying process will be demonstrated in Shanghai with two warp-tying machines, Magma and Topmatic. The warp leasing process for warps that require a lease for further processing can be seen on the Opal multilayer leasing machine, which inserts a 1:1 lease in warps with up to 8 layers.