Ironing Equipment Topper Sirio/A or /V



BATTISTELLASince 1975 Battistella B.G. Srl. designs and manufactures ironing equipment. The “Made in Italy” is a fundamental feature for the company, in fact every machine is assembled with Italian components. Furthermore, the technical department is constantly focused on product innovation, guaranteeing minimum consumption and maximum performance, as well as on the improvement of existing models. The wide range satisfies the requirement of the end-user and also of the large industry. The models are more than 60 and they include ironing boards, steam generators and for specific use spotting tables, dummies, toppers, presses, packing machines as well as ozone hygienizing and sanitizing cabinets. One of the most used product in the textile-clothing industry is Topper Sirio/A (with 10 lt. boiler and pump, to be connected to compressed air) or /V (to be connected to a steam source and compressed air). Both models are designed for the finishing of jeans and creaseless casual trousers of any textile. This topper is equipped with crosswise stretching device, electronic/pneumatic size regulator with sensors, electronic programmer with display, steam atomizer, adjustable pneumatic cylinders, leg-stretcher clamps with photocell, manual adjustment of air flow and 1,75 hp ventilator. There are also accessories available upon request: pocket pressing kit and pleat pressing kit.