Comfortemp® thermal insulation product

Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel is specialized in woven, knitted, weft and nonwoven interlinings.
From its worldwide available products range Freudenberg presents:

  • Performance interlining, the lightest membrane in the market: only 53 g/sqm, elastic, durable, breathable, with water repellent (4000 mm water columns, UNI EN 20811:1983) and wind stopper qualities. All this improved by decoration, turning everyday fabrics into a double fabric thanks to Freudenberg’s in-house printing process;
  • Ghost interlining: with a total weight of only 9 g, the lightest PES interlining in the world;
  • INFIT family: new combinations of cotton and polyester for dye cut collars.

Freudenberg and Sustainability

At Freudenberg, sustainability is an integral part of the entire product life cycle: from the use of raw materials and energy in production through the use of the products by the customer, right up to final disposal.
From its sustainable range, Freudenberg presents comfortemp® products: high-performance ehancements to the company’s sustainable thermal insulation systems made from recycled polyester fibers.