Hot Air Blowers for Every Requirement


Leister__Mistral-1Leister provides hot air technology solutions for industries; in the textile sector they are used for shrink-wrapping packages or in some finishing techniques. Mistral and Hotwind, designed for continuous use, are among the best-known Leister solutions. Mistral is available in 3 versions, from 2300 to 4500 W; its compact size – 352x90x91 mm – brings heat just where it is needed, with minimum support requirements. It heats air up to 650°C and guarantees a flow of pu to 400 litres/min. The Premium version can be managed using a potentiometer and remote controlled if required. It is also very reasonably priced. The System version is regulated using the PLC of the machine or of the plant where it is installed. Hotwind, Mistral’s “bigger brother”, has more than twice the hot air generation capacity (max 900 litres/min) and a heating power that ranges from 2300 to 5400 W; very versatile, it is available in the Premium and System versions. Mistral and Hotwind both use brushless engines; the absence of brushes increases durability and decreases maintenance requirements. The versatility of Leister’s hot air blowers was appreciated by Daroitex , a company based in the Vicenza area specialized in textile finishes. Besides using Leister solutions for packaging, Daroitex also uses a Mistral blower in a plant that creates felt tubes.