A high-efficiency, electronic crochet knitting machine for a lot of application areas


Within the wide range of crochet and warp knitting machines of Comez International, specialized in this sector and member of the Swiss Jakob Müller group, Acotronic 8B/600 is a high-efficiency, electronic crochet knitting machine for the production of a wide range of ribbons, technical and medical textiles, both elastic and non-elastic, which are employed in a number of application areas.

The compound needles make this machine highly versatile, as in addition to classic synthetic yarns (polyester, polyamide) they allow the processing of natural yarns and special fibres (Kevlar, fibre glass, carbon, basalt) in the warp.

The machine comes in several gauges, from 10 to 20 npi, has a 600 mm working width and is fitted with 8 weft bars with electronic control. It is fitted with the colour touch screen Data Control controller, which manages all essential machine functions, monitors production data and enables the realisation of lengthy pattern repeats.

The use of an electronic long throw device, that can control up to 3 weft bars, allows for the production of fabrics with long weft strokes of up to the full working width along with the possibility of single pick control. By means of a special embroidery device, which requires the use of piercing-compound needles, it is possible to sew into a ground fabric (e.g. non-woven) several types of weft yarns, such as Kevlar, fibre glass, carbon, basalt.