From Italy to the world: no more secrets in the cutting room

Morgan Next

In the Franciacorta region of the North of Italy, an area famous for its beautiful hills and good wines but also a vibrant and dynamic industrial district, lies the Morgan Group, that since 2008 is committed in finding the best solutions for the cutting room

Fusion line

Morgan Tecnica, started in 2008 in Coccaglio (BS), in the North of Italy, is nowadays an group made of three companies with a global expansion plan: Morgan Tecnica, that designs and manufactures a complete range of cutting room equipment, Morgan Dynamics Srl, that deals with the designing and development of all the Morgan software, and GA Morgan Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. based in Bangalore – India – that, with its 18 direct employees, deals with the marketing and after sales services of machines and software in the Countries of the South East. This year the group is also starting Morgan America, a branch office employing  4 people in charge of the marketing and after sales support of the Morgan products in the Americas.

«As a result of a very fresh and dynamic company policy, Morgan Group represents a counter trend, compared to the other Italian players, with an average 30% growth every year,  confirmed also in 2012, when the total turnover just for Morgan Tecnica was over 6.5 million euro, only 5% of which was for the domestic market», explains Federica Giachetti, president of Morgan Tecnica. «In 2012 Morgan consolidated its presence and improved its market shares in all major countries, but also expanded towards several new very promising markets, from which we expect good results in the short term».

Technological novelties in 2013

Morgan Next

Morgan invests a lot in R&D and all its products are entirely designed and made in Italy by an internal staff of around 30 top qualified, very experienced and highly motivated people. Some of its new projects will be presented for the first time at the Texprocess in Frankfurt next June. «We developed the new range of cutters called “Next” and  we will display in Germany the Next 70, for 7 cm lays – explains Federica Giachetti – a totally new project with brand new electronics, developed in partnership with Omron, and some other new mechanic solutions for high performances in terms of speed and quality of the cutting. We will also present the new Match Pointer system already installed and running in two different cutting rooms in Italy. Match Pointer is an attachment for Morgan cutters that allows the operator to check and modify the piece cutting position directly over the fabric, for proper matching, in real time during cutting operation. The system is suitable not only for Checks and Stripes fabric, but also for Printed fabric, for Lace and for any type of material that requires a specific piece matching on cutting.

But the real novelty for us is the new Morgan registered international Patent for a revolutionary ply by ply automatic numbering machine. This machine is the first one ever designed in the world for this operation, that up to now could only be performed in long and expensive, fully manual, operations».

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