Fabric Consumption Essential to Estimate Garment Cost


MdCostingAfter MD Analytics, the first software to collect and analyze final working data, directly via Web from the Morgan installations (roll handling, spreading and cutting machines), Morgan now presents the brand new MD Costing, an application that is able to preliminarily estimate the fabric consumption per size of a prototype, not yet graded.

MD Costing is the most effective solution for modern garment companies, who need to present always faster and wider sample collections and cannot afford any mistake or delay in the cost estimation of each one of them, in order to be competitive.

Perfectly integrated with Morgan Cad, MD Costing first of all takes the prototype directly from Pattern Design database and, according to historical and statistical data, simulates its grading for all the sizes in which it will be sold. Then it automatically creates a batch list of markers to be nested, which can include single size markers, double (duplicated) size markers and markers with a combination of sizes, calculated according to the historical sales diagram. Such list is automatically sent to the Best Nest Server, for the automatic nesting, together with nesting restrictions (rotation, gap…), automatically obtained from the fabric cutting category code. As soon as the Best Nest Server informs the nesting results, the MD Costing automatically elaborates the same, in order to obtain an average consumption per size, which can be used to estimate, with good approximation, the garment cost.

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