Expertise in Yarn Processing and Winding Machines


ssmSSM, Schärer Schweiter Mettler and its brand Giudici presented innovations. The new SSM modular winding machine platform Xeno combines dye package winding, rewinding and doubling applications with three different winding technologies. The Xeno is available with counter rotating blades (Xeno-BW), with friction drive system (Xeno-FW) and with high quality SSM yarn guide system (XENO-YW). SSM is able to offer the three winding technologies for assembly winding as well (Xeno-BD, Xeno-FD and Xeno-YD). All the Xeno machines could be equipped with an automatic doffer system. The enhanced Digicone® 2 winding algorithm enables a 10-20% increase on dye package density with same dyeing recipe. The SSM Xeno platform will be manufactured 100% in Switzerland for highest demands and quality. High performance yarns are substituting other classical materials in a large range of applications; thereby continually increasing the usage of technical textiles and consequently their consumption. The SSM Duro-TW precision winder for all technical yarns up to 50000 dtex offers a new level of flexibility and winding quality in one machine. The assembly winder Duro-TD allows the plying of multiple ends/yarns; independently of them being of the same type or completely different. Optional intermingling guarantees loop-free twists as well as optimal unwinding during twisting. The ability to run closed precision winding enables higher package densities, thereby increasing the knot-free length.