Efficient, Cost-Effective and Sustainable Choices


BiancalaniThe machines designed and manufactured by Biancalani, since 1957, are always the first choice for all those textile entrepreneurs seeking to improve their product quality and decide to do so efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably. They are designed with experience and built with passion and are suitable for any type of fabric, woven or knitted, for every finishing application, in a wide range of compositions and constructions.

The Biancalani production range is: Airo batch softening and drying machine in rope form, for woven fabrics; Airo 24 continuous open width tumble dryer for woven and knit fabrics; Brio batch active stabilizing dryer for knit fabrics; Brio 24 continuous active stabilizing dryer for knit fabrics; Milla combined milling and washing machine for wolen fabric and knit; Idra modular milling and washing machine for woollen fabric and knit. Furnishing fabrics, home textiles and terry towels, jeans and apparel, including all kinds of knitwear and woven fabrics, raw, dyed or printed (also in digital), from fabrics for trousers to classical men’s clothing to the latest women’s fashion trends, as well as functional and protective fabrics for uniforms or even nonwovens for specific applications: they are only a part of the big range of textiles that are possible to be treated in Biancalani machines. For each of these products, the right solution, including skills and technological know-how, is offered to support customers and cooperate for the common success.

Today Biancalani organization is present with its product line and its sales network, technical and technological support in all textile areas globally.