Easy assembly, low noise vertical guidance


For highly dynamic applications in intralogistics, speeds of 7 m/s are no longer unusual. At speeds above 7 m/s, energy chains have to ensure safety in order to prevent accidents. To ensure that vertically moving energy chains are safely held in place, igus has developed the Guidelite Vertical system, GLV for short. It combines safety with low weight and easy assembly for maximum motion dynamics. The open design also reduces the resonance and thus the noise.

Until now, virtually closed guide channels made of sheet metal were used as guide channels. However, these continuous enclosures are difficult and expensive to fit. In addition, the enclosed design creates a resonating body, which amplifies the operating noise of the energy chain. The open guidelite vertical (GLV) addresses precisely these challenges and, through its design, combines quiet running and easy assembly with high safety in use with extremely dynamic lifters and lifts. Open, lightweight and assembly-friendly GLV design reduces weight and noise in intralogistics applications.

igus does not use an enclosed sheet metal channel to guide the energy chain, but open guide rails made of plastic with a system length of 2,000 millimetres. This open design minimises the resonance and helps to keep the operating noise of the energy chain low at high speeds of up to 7 m/s. Further advantages are a successful absorption of vibration as well as an easy assembly, where a special screw ensures that the rails can be screwed with just one hand and no counter-locking is required. If cables or energy chain get damaged, the open design of the guide channel allows quick detection and easy access to the damaged area. Repairs can be done very quickly and easily. The use of plastic rails also reduces the overall weight of the trough and keeps transportation costs low.