Reggiani Macchine

Digital Printing Technology Research and Demo Centre


reggianiThanks to the joint force between Reggiani Macchine, based in Italy and its agent Chemtax Industrial Co., located in Hong Kong, and thanks to the support of Jiangsu AB Group Co., the first Digital Printing Technology Research and Demo Centre in China is established and comes to its grand opening to public next 14th June, 2014, in Kunshan.

The establishment of the Centre represents a totally new trend and vision into the digital printing industry. In the newborn Centre, the up-to-the-edge Reggiani Macchine ReNOIR digital printing machine will be on demonstration showing all the latest technical and technological innovations.

The experience, the human resources and technological innovations that Reggiani proposes to the market today, make the company a new frontier for development, growth and approach to the digital printing sector.

Taking into consideration every customers’ needs and requirements as a priority, the aim of the Digital Printing Technology Research and Demo Centre is to guarantee efficient and effective after-sales service support, including technical and technological training, the development of new products and provide  the adequate assistance to customers in order to achieve the appropriate  samples preparation.