Mask, the last automatic spreader created by Caron Technology, is designed to give a different image of the cutting room. The company is always looking for new frontiers of product’s personalization: in this case the technology and the customization are integrated in one solution, mature expression of a digital and avant-garde evolutionary process.

Technologies and protocols used are at the complete service of the functionality and needs of the customer’s company, guaranteeing full compatibility and adherence to IOT principles.

Mask by Caron Technology

The remote assistance and the user-friendly software allow to access directly to the machine controls and to check the activity; moreover, using the web applications the operator can analyse in real time the efficiency and productivity of the spreading activity, returning fundamental data to the production cycle.
The EtherCAT system satisfies automation requirements and guarantees continuous communication between the parts of the machine.

The new automatic spreader Mask can revolutionize the cutting room not only on technology but also on the style: in fact, every machine is customizable in functionality as well as on its design, with panels of different colors and materials, interchangeable according to the company production.
The automatic spreader Mask is designed to be used in every sector, clothing, technical fabrics, furnishings and automotive.