Blowing out candles

With its president Giulio Gallo, we retrace the path that led him with his partners, Sergio Gubert and Giulio Breda, to reach the 5th anniversary of their acquisition of the Veneto based company, Sipe Tecnologie.
Giulio Gallo, president of Sipe Tecnologie

When in 2009, animated by sound business madness, we took over Sipe Tecnologie, we were sure that our high quality product would have paid off our efforts. The turnover during these five years, among the most complex in the world economy, has more than doubled, along with the recruitment of highly qualified personnel. Therefore quantity and quality: we have optimized timing and terms of support intervention to our distributors. We compensated the contraction in the Italian market with very high growth rates in those areas of foreign markets that are rapidly developing, a strategy we planned right from the first day of the acquisition.

Which are your main markets?

While still maintaining a share of 20% in our domestic market , today, we can boast a significant presence in South America, our main target market. We also entered the Asian market, almost all the European markets, especially in the Eastern areas, and recently, we entered Africa, one of the markets of the future.

In addition to the textile/clothing segment, we also specialized in furnishing and in much more recent times, we got ready for the industrial segment, making adjustments in certain hardware and software features of the machines, with regard to the spreading of technical fabrics, with weight, width and diameter issues completely different from those of the clothing segment.

In May 2013 we presented in Frankfurt the “Industry” version of our ” Lion”, with a cradle amplitude increased, a structure and equipment ready to support weights up to 300 kg. These solutions help ensure the optimization of the quality/speed of spreading; the whole cutting unit was also renovated in order to cut particularly complex fabrics.

Which is now your key to success?

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The strength to believe in the quality of the made in Italy product and high technology. We decided to invest in a new machine (Lion) without compromises in terms of quality. This meant a significant commitment in terms of time and money in order to create a simpler and more powerful software, connected and linked to other systems within the company/client. These results came thanks to the creation of an internal technical design office, involved both in the software development, and in carpentry.

All the components that we use are Italian, and, in particular, our products are 80% Made in Veneto. Our great fortune of being located in one of the most industrialized areas of Italy allows us to have a wide choice of materials and sub-contractors.

To all this we can add the luck of having with us people like my partners Sergio Gubert and Giulio Breda with their twenty years of experience.

What are your plans for the coming future?

In mid-2014 we will move to a newer and bigger head office, which can better accommodate our future projects. We will implement new technologies to reduce production times. Will further strengthen support services to clients with particular attention to our Prime Customer “Caron” .

by Stefano Cannas


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