Marelli & Berta Interfodere

Bi-elastic interlining for men’s and women’s jackets


A new generation of bi-elastic interlining for men’s and women’s jackets is now available at Marelli & Berta Interfodere, newborn (only chronologically) company at Freudenberg: Marelli & Berta Interfodere has in fact its history and unique reliability and experience on the Italian Market.

According to the Sgarzani brothers, general agents for Italy, these new articles are replacing a series of articles that are currently inappropriately used to construct and give structure to jackets.

The new technology applied on titles of yarns, and in twisting and weaving processes enables the creation of a super soft item that retains a well balanced ratio between hand feel and volume, both in weft and in warp; the latter cannot be obtained with traditional PES articles even if low weighed.  These new articles are double stretch with yarn titles diversified into 3 different weights: 25, 32, or 58/m².

Through the company’s technical staff and agents it is possible to come to know and feel the performances of this new line and its real differences through comparative tests.

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