4DAlize technology by Audaces: a faster product development


The traditional product development usually takes days or even weeks; most companies have defined that they must accelerate this process, but are still looking for solutions that can help them achieve this goal.

After a 6 years’ work, in 2018 Italian-Brazilian technology company Audaces has launched a new way to fasten the product development cycle in Fashion: the 4DAlize technology.audaces 2

A faster product development

The designer imagines a look and, using Audaces360 platform, creates it in 4D. If he likes what he sees, with just a single click the system generates the pre-patterns; simultaneously, the model pre-cost is created automatically. When both design and cost are ok, the garment is approved and proceed to the pattern maker who will finalize the patterns, with all details and grading. If Audaces360 is connected to the company’s ERP, the work is even faster, with more detail and information ready for next phases.audaces 3

Precision, speed and user-friendliness

Meanwhile the manager who planned the collection, thanks to Audaces360, follows the execution of his team in all steps of product development, guaranteeing deliveries within the set deadlines. With precision and speed, the models enter into the company’s ERP and go to the production in Audaces Cutting Room, compatible with Industry 4.0.