A further step ahead on environment protection

Brazzoli S.p.A., a leading rope dyeing machine manufacturer, marks a further, great step forward on the steady search of this industry to yield limited environmental impact production processes

Ti.Bel, Brentino Belluno (Verona), a reference dyeing mill of Calzedonia Group, understanding the need to cut polluting emissions in the production process, since 2007 when it was taken over by the group, put into place a significant, targeted investment and research plan.

Today Ti.Bel boasts of an excellent, wide range of fabrics being treated, from cotton to modal, from viscose to polyester and polyamide, with about 100 employees.

Aiming at a lower and lower energy consumption and production costs, for years Ti.Bel has undertaken an R&D path in cooperation with Brazzoli S.p.A., a leading manufacturer of rope dyeing machines which, in turn started 12 years ago a technical development of its own products; this path brought to the “innotechnology” system applied to Brazzoli dyeing machines, and now in its fourth generation with Innoecology.

After months of steady, painstaking cooperation Ti.bel and Brazzoli conceived a really innovative fabric dyeing system, called Innowash. This innovation aims at automatically optimizing the lowest possible level a dyeing machine can obtain, thus achieving a 100% control of water and steam consumption on the washing stages that, as we know, cover about 70% of the total water consumption in a reactive dyeing process.

Such a system, consisting of an important change in the dyeing machine software with the addition of an automatic bath control device in the vessel, is successful.

Though starting from already optimized energy consumption rates, thanks to state—of-the-art machines bought recently (suffice to mention that in the last three years Ti.Bel renewed over 50% of its dyeing machines), the Innowash system, based on dark reactive cotton, further reduced water consumption by 40% per kilogram of fabric, steam consumption by 40% per kilogram of fabric, also cutting energy consumption by 30%, while, last but not least, process time has been reduced by as much as 25%.

The technological innovation brought about by Brazzoli will enable dyeing mills in this industry to drastically reduce production costs while benefiting from a greater competitive advantage on the market and showing a greater attention to the environment.

Now the Innowash system is available on all models made by Brazzoli and can be interfaced with the major micro types on the market, thus achieving an easier and quicker integration of the system into any production environment.

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