Setex Schermuly

Textile Dye House Automation


Setex Schermuly textile computer GmbH is a leading company in textile dye house automation.

Setex serves the market with innovative products from computer based control systems up to software solutions tailored for the textile dyeing and finishing industry. The company develops and supplies for a vast number of world brand textile machinery manufacturers, which results in premium solutions for very simple machines up to the most advanced machinery with focus on “easy- to- use”. Hardware and software is developed and manufactured in Germany headquarters at Mengerskirchen, sales and support is carried out directly through worldwide subsidiaries and partner companies. Setex production includes textile dyeing and finishing solutions (Controllers, PLC’s, I/ O modules and sensors for machine automation; controlled weighing systems; automation of dosing units; CCD camera systems for the automatic control of fabric density and shrinkage; laboratory & Measuring Equipment), software for Management, Scheduling and Reporting (manufacturing Execution System with data monitoring & process visualization; graphical planning board with real- time synch to production; 3rd party integration to ERP- , laboratory- and color kitchen systems) as well as textile Services (control & Monitoring Methods; production Processes; balancing Energy Loa).