3D solutions for the entire fashion value chain


Today, more and more digital and technology are radically changing the world of industry and retail in all sectors as they have allowed the emergence of a direct dialogue between brands and consumers. And among the many technologies made available to companies there is certainly 3D. Gerber Technology’s AccuMark, one of the most trusted fashion softwares on the market, now offers a full suite of 3D solutions to support the entire value chain. Gerber mission is to make 3D so easy to consume that any AccuMark user can easily use it. Because AccuMark 3D lives inside of AccuMark Pattern Design, one of the industry’s most important pattern design product data: the existing AccuMark workflow is leveraged in 3D to accelerate the setup process.  It also allows to use 2D patterns to simulate and validate designs.

Turning ideas into finished products with easier-to-use solutions than those currently on the market, and leveraging data to speed up production processes, are Gerber’s primary goals to help their customers compete in a market where trends in consumers change rapidly. That’s why AccuMark is a primary need for fashion and luxury companies: a 3D software for a lean and fast company.