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A Brand New Website to Explain Wool to American Consumers

With versatility matched only by the diversity of the wearer, wool is perfect for any season, any occasion. With that in mind, the American Sheep Industry Association and its American Wool Council have…

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Titan Wool’s BBB Filati

Mr Eliseo Ballabene, owner, talks about the BBB Filati trademark by Titan Wool, a company based between Riccione, in the North of Italy, and the rest of the world. A thread pulled from the 20th century to the present time, seen on newsstands too

Some Italian brands established in the 20th century caught the eye from the very start. “BBB lane” is one of them. Already in the 50’s, they were aware of the importance of advertising…


Vitale Barberis Canonico Wool Excellence Award 2015

The Vitale Barberis Canonico Wool Excellence Award 2015‘s ceremony was held last October 14th, during a gala function in Sydney. This year’s winner, coming from one of the major wool production areas, was…


Better Reporting of Wool’s Environmental Performance

A recently published scientific study paves the way for better reporting of wool’s environmental performance, proposing a new set of methods for use in life cycle assessments of wool where wool is produced…

A Future Scented Dream

With a turnover of approximately 450 million euros Italian rustic wool could have a great appeal on the market. This kind of wool is now considered a waste product and a cost but it boasts good technical characteristics and a completely traceable pipeline in Italy

A future scented dream. This suggestion drove Giampiero Maracchi, advisor with Fondazione Clima e Sostenibilità, to call the challenge of Italian rustic wool and its possible market outlet. Funded by the CNR’s (National…


Enhancing the value of know-how and tradition through research

Fiber Technology

Tecnomeccanica Biellese designs and manufactures equipment for the sectors processing loose fibers, turning to international markets to offer its proven competence. It participates in research projects able to lead to new applications and…

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