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Gallia, the high-end shirt

Galliera Veneta is the place where Gallia was created as a Made in Italy shirt brand. They manufacture eighty thousand pieces per year, 60% of which for export. They invested in “made to…

Antonio Franceschini


Manufacturing is our Strenght

Italy is the third biggest textile-fashion exporting country behind China and Germany: end 2016 export sales reached 29.5 billion Euro, 1.7% more than the preceding year, with a turnover of 52,853 million Euro,…


A Breathing Fibre for Workwear

Established in 2012 as safety division of Orion footwear factory, in just five years Dike is a successful business well known in as many as 34 countries beside Italy. In 2016, they started a workwear range, unconventional, based on technical components, modern features and design as well. Here too, they are successful…

After thirty years’ experience in footwear making, the idea came to achieve something new, durable, high quality, focused on research to meet the demand of all workers. This was the premise of ‘Dike’,…


Zegna Group assigned the 2016 prizes for the best wools

To mark the importance of the wool and to incentive manufacturers to achieve higher standards of refinement and excellence of this noble fiber. This is the aim of Extrafine Wool Trophy and Vellus…

Made in Italy

Sartoria Saint Andrews, on a Human Scale

Contemporary artisans. A fifty years’ archive of patterns, exclusive finest fabrics and nearly 170 tailors to obtain mass “hand made” menswear. A passion for contemporary, tradition on their shoulders

They define themselves as “high class couture to dress contemporary men”. In addition, they have got both the numbers and the charm as well. Sartoria Saint Andrews Milano Spa – with a manufacturing…

Istituto Secoli

A Reference Point in Fashion since 1934

Since 1934 Istituto Secoli has been the international reference point for studying patternmaking. At Istituto Secoli’ goal is helping to realize the dreams of those who are passionate about fashion, helping them to design and create beautiful clothes….


An Exhibition To Celebrate Nino Cerruti

Fondazione Pitti Discovery presented “Il Signor Nino”, the first-ever exhibition dedicated to Nino Cerruti – his ideas and his style. Mr. Cerruti has been one of the leading figures on the Italian men’s…

Luigi Murolo kor@kor


A Democratic, Surprisingly Italian Prêt-à-porter

Kor@Kor, the made in Italy brand inspired by Ciro’s and Luigi Murolo’s business vision, strongly rising in the Italian fashion landscape, focuses on becoming a worldwide leading player in the affordable luxury segment

A sharp eye on modern, contemporary-chic women, on what they like, on their behaviour inspires Kor@Kor collections, showing a total look based on the concept of an internationally oriented, affordable luxury. Luigi Murolo,…


Fabrics: A Comprehensive Overview of Foreign Trade

For Italian weaving mills 2014 began with a recovery after sales were down 2.4% in 2013; let us consider in detail the role of external transactions of fabrics "from" and "to" Italy in the first ten months of 2013 and which countries took the lion's share

As regards external transactions of fabrics in 2013 Italy displays a different trend of exports and imports: export sales posted a slower decrease as against 2012. On the other hand, import trade already…

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