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Two New Research Projects

The Human Solutions Group has launched two new research projects in which the virtual simulation of human beings will be used to gain new knowledge about body shapes and age-related changes in the…

The New Color Scanner VITUS

Human Solutions has expanded its range of 3D body scanners and the company now offers the 3D color body scanner VITUS bodyscan, developed for the apparel industry by its partner VITRONIC, one of…

Human Solutions Group Has a New Shareholder Structure

The Kaiserslautern-based Human Solutions Group has a new shareholder structure as NORD Holding and PINOVA Capital have jointly purchased the majority of Human Solutions GmbH shares as part of a succession policy. Company founder…

Assyst - Human Solutions

From Design, to Conception, to Product Development and Retail

3D simplifies work processes enormously for every company in the apparel industry. It enables a virtual product development, one that simulates the human being, the cut and the fabric in extremely high quality….


Continuous innovation for the fashion industry

The fashion industry is becoming more complex and more pressing are the challenges: reduce time and collections costs, increase of the productivity, improve the product quality, and manage the cooperation with partners in…

Italy Reveals its New Dimensions

The body proportions of the Italian population have changed significantly in recent decades. A survey of current body measurements was tackled by Sistemi Assyst in the SizeITALY project, with the support of the apparel industry and retail trade

In Italy, on average, this generation is larger and taller than their parents and grandparents. The result is that more and more people find it difficult to find apparel with an optimal size…

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