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Caron Technology

The New Loader Titan

The steady updating of Caron Technology, always attentive to the complete satisfaction of their customers. The new loader Titan is expressly designed for simple ply feeders helping to load heavy fabrics from the…


Automatic Splicer and Laboratory Equipment

Mesdan® S.p.A., Italy, the renowned manufacturer of yarn splicers for knotless yarn joining, and quality control equipment for the textile laboratories (Mesdan-Lab division), also this year will attend the forthcoming ITM exhibition in…


New Machine for Preparation and End Spinning

Rieter is presenting new machine generations for preparation and end spinning as well as appropriate spare parts, is showing components for the economical manufacture of high quality yarns in addition to After Sales…


Expertise in Producing Fully Robotized Dyeing Plants

Obem was established in 1946 in Biella, an important textile district located in Northern Italy, with a high concentration of textile companies producing top quality yarns, fabrics and garments and grew up producing textile…

Us Patent Appointed to Coolcore for Fabrics Cooling Technology

Coolcore, the global leader in chemical-free cooling fabrics, announced in October that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued the company a patent (U.S. Patent No. 9,121,642) for “Method of Cooling…



New Generation Technology for the Textile Industry

As its impressive premier, Stäubli lately presented the production of African damask at high speed on a type SX Jacquard machine equipped with a specific harness with 12,696 cords in conjunction with an…

Made in Italy

Sartoria Saint Andrews, on a Human Scale

Contemporary artisans. A fifty years’ archive of patterns, exclusive finest fabrics and nearly 170 tailors to obtain mass “hand made” menswear. A passion for contemporary, tradition on their shoulders

They define themselves as “high class couture to dress contemporary men”. In addition, they have got both the numbers and the charm as well. Sartoria Saint Andrews Milano Spa – with a manufacturing…


Fabrics: A Comprehensive Overview of Foreign Trade

For Italian weaving mills 2014 began with a recovery after sales were down 2.4% in 2013; let us consider in detail the role of external transactions of fabrics "from" and "to" Italy in the first ten months of 2013 and which countries took the lion's share

As regards external transactions of fabrics in 2013 Italy displays a different trend of exports and imports: export sales posted a slower decrease as against 2012. On the other hand, import trade already…


A success lasting 25 years

This year an important milestone was reached for Biancalani: the twenty-fifth anniversary of Airo® finishing, a process for washing, softening and drying which gives that feature, Airo® Hand, which is synonymous with modern…


Fabrics that tell a story

Tessitura Brunello, leading company in the production of fabrics since 1927, decided to tell its history in a video, that explain the philosophy of the company that from a small village in the…

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