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Biancalani Airo24 Tandem

Biancalani,a textile machinery maker with 60 years of experience

Since 1957 Biancalani manufactures textile machines for fabric finishing. Currently Rossano, Rossana and Massimo, sons of the founder Fiorenzo, lead the company and the third generation is already an integral part of the…



Efficient, Cost-Effective and Sustainable Choices

The machines designed and manufactured by Biancalani, since 1957, are always the first choice for all those textile entrepreneurs seeking to improve their product quality and decide to do so efficiently, cost-effectively and…


Biancalani. 60 Years of Success in Finishing

It was 1957 when Fiorenzo Biancalani, twenty-seven years old but with eleven years of experience behind him in a workshop in a Prato wollen mill, decided to open his own construction company for…


Serving Customers for Almost 60 Years!

  The fourth evolution of the popular AIRO 24, continuous tumbler in open width protected by several patents, is already well known and appreciated by manufacturers of fabrics and knitwear in all sectors…


Continuous Tumbler for High Quality Terry Towel

Over the past 30 years, the name of Biancalani was closely linked to its Airo® brand, the name of a machine, transporting the fabric only with air, that has transformed the finishing process…



A System par Excellence

Prato is known worldwide for being home to a textile district whose origin is lost in the centuries, and Biancalani – which was formed in Prato almost 60 years ago – has a…


Fifty Shades of Indigo

Extremely dynamic and rapid-changing, yet still conservative and profoundly rooted into history and tradition, the world of denim fashion is always looking for original ways to assert its strong identity and personality among…


A Tale of Accomplishments in Textile Finishing

Airo®, washing drying and softening machine was conceived and introduced by Biancalani s.r.l., Prato – Italy, about 25 years ago. The machine mixes mechanical action and air action to treat fabrics (woven and…


A success lasting 25 years

This year an important milestone was reached for Biancalani: the twenty-fifth anniversary of Airo® finishing, a process for washing, softening and drying which gives that feature, Airo® Hand, which is synonymous with modern…


Unconventional finishing gives added value to the textile


Biancalani celebrates 25 years of Airo® finishing. And it establishes itself on the international markets for its original solutions, conceived for ennobling and perfect finishing of any type of fabric, for any type…

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