A historical company, champion of the technological Made in Italy around the world with a capillary post-sales service, Fadis recently celebrated 60 years of activity.

Fadis offers a complete line of machines specifically studied for preparing yarn for the following dyeing processes, be it in form of bobbin, hank or FAPP™/Muff. One of the most important line is the elastomeric yarn covering range. Concerning the air covering system, Fadis was the first company worldwide to present this technology in 1987.

[su_box title=”Sincro Multipla Airjet” style=”glass” box_color=”#228c53″ radius=”5″]

Today, the Sincro Multipla Airjet model foresees the application of an electronic motorised unwinding device necessary to unwind an elastomeric yarn with a regular draw ratio and to intermingle it through air with a textured yarn.

This is a very delicate process where both the feed tension and the quantity of yarn entering the jet must be perfectly controlled so as to guarantee a homogeneous result of the intermingling pointsnumbers and of their strength.

To solve this problem, Fadis has developed a technology that allows to install and integrate up to 4 electronic “Tens Control™” online tension devices on each spindle. This device allows to set and constantly adjust online the tension of each ply entering the intermingling process.[/su_box]