Pier Carlo Zedda has been reconfirmed at Italian Wool Trade Association presidency

(source: Debora Ferrero)
(source: Debora Ferrero)

On April 16th the annual assembly of the Italian Wool Trade Association has reconfirmed Pier Carlo Zedda as President for 2018 and 2019 period. As vice Presidents have been appointed Giovanni Schneider and Stefano Palloni; members of the board are Mario Ferrerati Ferrarone, Claudio Lacchio, Sauro Guerri, Mauro De Lorenzi, Micaela Fiorina, Nigel Thompson, Claus Zimmermann,

Massimo Mercandino and Francesco Truscelli. The assembly has also welcomed as an aggregate member the ASTRI, the Italian Recycled Textile Association founded with the aim of enhancing the work that Prato has been doing for decades, namely the production of regenerated fabrics; ASTRI has 112 members, all representatives of Italian companies involved in textile.