Euratex General Assembley will focus on textile renaissance

(source: Eratex website)
(source: Eratex website)

The 2018 EURATEX General Assembly will take place on June 7th in Brussels and will be devoted to the textile renaissance in Europe. In fact, since 2013 the industry’s turnover has grown by 14% to € 181 billion and extra-EU exports by 15% to € 48 billion, while employment and company numbers have been maintained. The EU textile and clothing industry has reinvented itself through investment in innovation, creativity, advanced manufacturing technologies, market diversification and internationalisation.

The assembly will illustrate this remarkable renaissance through investment cases and success stories told by owners and top managers of a diversified group of companies from across Europe. Keynote speakers of the event will include Irmfried Schwimann, Deputy Director General at DG GROW, European Commission and company owners/ managers of Amann & Söhne (Germany), Beaulieu International Group (Belgium), Cotoblau (Spain), Eurojersey (Italy), Innothera (France), Lenzing (Austria), Rovitex (Hungary), and Valérius (Portugal).