Crystal’s innovation never stops!


Crystal keeps growing, improving and innovating, in order to quickly respond to every change and need of the market.

In particular, the Crystal project aims to optimize the cutting processes in different fields, such as Fashion, outerwear realization, furniture and automotive. This innovative single-ply cutting system is able to guarantee a better efficiency in terms of management and consumptions costs.Crystal 1

From an energy consumptions point of view, Crystal embraces the “green concept”. In fact, this innovative cutting system does not use suction to keep the fabric on the cutting area. In this way, the consumptions expenses prove to be much lower, compared to any other cutting system. In addition, the machine’s cutting area has a special glass surface, which offers less wear and flatness. Even the minimum level of mechanical components and consumables plays a fundamental role in terms of reduced maintenance costs.

Crystal’s features

Crystal is able to perform a very precise and accurate cut thanks to its innovative and revolutionary double blade system. In particular, the two blades separate the material through pressure, without forcing the fibers or pulling the fabric threads, guaranteeing a very defined and clear-cut.Crystal 2

One of the most relevant features, related to this cutting machine, is the Vision system, which has a special hardware and software structure for the image management and the pattern matching placements (stripes & checks, prints, etc.). Specifically, through a high-resolution camera, it is possible to capture the fabric texture and, a latest generation software creates the best placement. This process allows an immediate conversion to a file and the cut can be easily carried out.

Because of all its features and quick cutting performances, Crystal represents a huge innovation in the “open fabric” market and keeps growing through a continuous research and development activity. For all these reasons, Crystal is a significant point of reference within its global market field.