34th IAF World Fashion Convention on October 9th and 10th 2018 in Maastricht

(source: IAF website)
(source: IAF website)

IAF’s 34th World Fashion Convention, co-organized with Dutch industry association Modint, will be held on October 9th and 10th 2018 in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The International Apparel Federation (IAF) is the only global federation of its kind representing Apparel Associations from 60 countries, representing over 150,000 companies. Modint, the Dutch association for the fashion and textiles industries, has about 600 members who have a cumulative annual turnover of about 9 billion Euro.

The IAF Convention caters to apparel industry leaders from across the supply chain, from all continents. The theme of the 34th edition is “Building a smart future for the fashion industry”. In a world where prices cannot drop much lower, boats cannot go much faster and people cannot work much harder, improvements are made only when the business is made smarter. Smart supply chain collaboration, smart new machines, smart materials and above all, smart people, the convention will show many inspiring examples of a smarter apparel supply chain.Top speakers from across the globe cover the width of the supply chain, from raw materials to apparel sourcing and from production to retail trends. On top of that, the convention provides an excellent opportunity to meet the global industry in one location in a few days time.